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United Kingdom
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Hey peeps long time no see. Be been very busy planning certain things and working on personal projects which has kept me away from places like this. And as you know, DA stops for nobody so I've lots to catch up on.

Thanks to everyone who have been visiting, Faving and commenting in my absence. Am truely appreciative for that which is why I've been uploading pics in clusters. This is also my way of showing my thanks, after all the community is why am here.

Now am off to go through my messages like a madman!


                                       And on to the projects side:

While am still in the process in starting an Artist Collective business, which will lead to more commissions and funds for personal projects, I've been writing the diaolgue for my first comic (so long in the making lol) which is coming along.
Still so much to do.

Stay tuned!

                                            Other news:

Well the UK finally has it's very own dedicated Anime channal called Anime Central --->…
It launched about a month or two towards the end of last year.
I remember my school days saying "Der shuld b a channel wit nut'n but Manga!* Wuld b cooooool!" (*note: We didn't know the difference between Manga and Anime back then. Thanks MANGA VIDEO for mashing it into one great, neat, little package for the mainstream  :roll: and we wonder why at times Anime got bad press. Well at least if it won't for them, I wouldn't be an artist. ;))

Anyway the channel gave me the chance to watch shows that everyone talks about and does fanart of. Shows I missed years ago due to Uni and personal work.
December last year, the channel did a few marathons. Amongst them was Fullmetal Alchemist followed by Bleach. FMA is very inspiring and has so many parallels to whats going on today. Character development was vast considering the sheer amount of characters, connections and twists where fantastic. And of course, the concept of alchemy  and Equivalency felt very refreshing. Am still yet to see the movie!

Bleach is what I like to call the "Dragonball Z of this generation". Thats saying something from me as I love Dragonball Z. The first hand full of episodes to me were held together by the concepts and the comedy, (FMA shocks from the first 5mins in ep.1 and holds you)but got very interesting the stronger the enemies and the more we learned about the characters. BUT things got REAL by the Soul Society Arc with a twist that left me in awe and envy. (since we got the dubbed eps from the states, the marthon ended at ep. 52) but that did not stop me! I was hooked and needed my fix, so with wikipedia and the bleach eps guide, I hunted down the following eps on youtube but quickly switched to Stage6 (my salvation) and haven't looked back since and like everyone else, wait for the eps to air in Japan, subtitled and uploaded. (I even went through the filler arc eps incase they showed characters or showed flashbacks in the following original arcs) Saw the first movie, which was average, but good animation (want to see the second movie too).

Since then Anime central have shown Gundam Seed and Witch hunter Robin. Watched the shows back and forth.

WHR was intriguing to begin with and a good concept and take on witches (even parallels La Femme Nikita series) but then the eps just seemed to level out, feel linear and slow (might just be me), if you missed an ep in the first half of the series, it wouldn't be a great loss, though there were eps that were well developed and stood out. At this point I was thinking of tuning out as there was nothing that linked or held the eps together. not even a sub-plot as such (well, the odd hint here or there but..)
The second half however really kicked into gear (if the first half was to give the second greater impact, it sure as hell worked). Deeper development with twists and turns. Overall good show but let down by weak and predictable eps in the first half of the season.

In the Gundam universe, i've only seen Gundam wing and that was the best war based anime i've ever seen. Now when I had the chance to see another story from the same genre, I couldn't resist. Now G wing like all other Gundam stories are very similar to each other in terms of characters, the wars, and Main themes, but the sub-plots differ from what I understand. G wing saw it's fair share death but not as graphic as G seed got at times. G seed Stresses the brutality of mankind and the story felt very contemporary with the theme of genetics and it's moral issues as well as the moral issues of war and the reasons to fight (reminded me of MGS :)) As comptempory as G wing felt, G Seed is more so with more sub-plots.
But am not a great fan of the character designs as the kids in the show seem to merge with the adults at times with the elders being more distinctive and smaller eyes. (but thats just me).

I even got back into J-music because of these shows and have recently got OST's from some of the shows.

These are the shows that stuck out for me as good or some of the best in ages. Anime in all for a long time, has been going through rough patch with a hand full of shows and films that stand out, and that was part of the reason I didn't go out of my way to watch certain shows or films. But shows like this reminds me of why I love Manga and Anime, and why for me its the best form of escapism.
Gona look into other shows i've been recommeded. ;)

Cya around and stay inspired always!


"We await your return, Warrior."


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